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    Got Data? GTLG and Mission:data Pursue Data Access to Empower Consumers

    One of the big topics at the California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) the last three years has been data. Beginning with a comprehensive privacy ruling in 2011, the CPUC (and in some cases the legislature) has addressed who should have access to data, who shouldn’t, customers’ rights with regard to the data generated by the […]

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    More Than Smart Conference 10.15.14

    The More Than Smart Conference entitled “California’s Energy Network Grid: A Look to the Future” was held on October 15th with 100 of the top energy policy-makers and industry innovators to learn how California’s Network Grid is evolving and what it will mean for future efforts to implement California’s climate change, energy and grid reliability efforts.  This was the […]

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    New More Than Smart Report Released 8/12/14

    How can California meet its regulatory targets of getting 15 Gigawatts of DER into a distributed grid built when John F Kennedy was President?  “Tear down the wall” and move to a network infrastructure.  Learn more here.    

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    DC microgrid and nanogrid: the next big thing in the energy sector

    The following entry is a guest post from Rajendra Singh, the D. Houser Banks Professor at the Holcombe Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering and Director Center for Silicon Nanoelectronics at Clemson University in Clemson, South Carolina. He can be contacted at srajend@clemson.edu.

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    5 simple cost-effective ways to reduce your energy bills

    The following entry is a guest post from Ryan Devvin. He is a writer based in the UK, with a keen interest in being green on a budget. His main passion lies in maintaining an eco-friendly lifestyle in the home.


The GTLG partners with companies that put energy efficiency and innovation on a high pedestal. Below are some of the world’s leading manufacturers dedicated to creating innovative, efficient technologies. If interested in becoming a member, see our Membership page.















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Ian Ferguson of ARM and Ahmad Faruqui of Brattle Group talk energy efficiency For more information and videos, visit the More Than Smart page.

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