Redefining California’s energy future

The following entry is a guest post from Ahmad Faruqui of the Brattle Group. He presented at our “More than Smart: Making the Grid More Transparent, Dynamic, and Resilient” conference in Palo Alto in September 2013.

Apple introduces efficient iPad Air

On Tuesday, Apple introduced the world to the iPad Air, which the company is calling the lightest, full-size tablet on the market. With a power-efficient chip and a reduction in battery size, the iPad Air is 20 percent thinner than the original iPad. Thanks to the A7 chip manufactured by Apple and GTLG member company […]

Gov. Brown signs AB 327 for CPUC to set fair prices, increase energy efficiency

This week, Gov. Jerry Brown signed AB 327 to allow the California Public Utilities Commission to fairly raise service rates for all residential customers to expand access to energy efficiency programs.

Retail solar panels grow in sales and efficiency

Last week, Ikea announced it will soon sell solar panel installation kits at stores throughout the United Kingdom. If successful, easily accessible solar energy can be sold here in the United States at Ikea stores. But since 2009, solar panels have been available online in the U.S. for sale at several major retailers like Home […]

Ivanpah Solar Thermal Plant the first of its kind

The following entry is a guest post from Paul Batistelli, who freelances in the energy field for the promotion of a greener society and energy means. He works to raise awareness on ecological issues, energy dependency, and reducing carbon footprints.

“More Than Smart” grid conference

The GTLG co-hosted the “More Than Smart” conference on September 10, 2022 with Governor Brown’s Office. As a part of the Open Energy Initiative, it focused on access to energy use data, incentives for energy efficiency, and revamping the energy grid.

Apple increases energy efficiency with 64-bit ARM chip in iPhone 5s

Apple will soon sell the first smartphone with a 64-bit chip thanks to the architectural help of ARM, a Green Technology Leadership Group member.

Energy commissioner, industry reps discuss energy-efficient consumer electronics

As more and more consumers purchase smartphones, computer tablets, and plasma TVs, a group of green technology experts, including an energy commissioner and industry representatives, say consumers need to be more aware of how energy efficiency plays a role in their consumer electronics. Last Wednesday, the Green Technology Leadership Group, with the California Energy Commission, […]

Innovative hardware cooling consumer electronics down

Last month, Microsoft promised customers its yet-to-be-released game console, Xbox One, will not sink into the “red ring of death” mode when it overheats.

Energy commission posts stakeholders’ proposals on new Title 20 standards

Green Technology Leadership Group supports rulemaking process The California Energy Commission has posted stakeholders’ responses to the “Invitation to Submit Proposals” for the current appliance efficiency rulemaking process on its website. Many of the proposals from companies and organizations suggest possible standards to improve energy efficiency in various appliances, including consumer electronics. Proposals submitted for […]