DC microgrid and nanogrid: the next big thing in the energy sector


The following entry is a guest post from Rajendra Singh, the D. Houser Banks Professor at the Holcombe Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering and Director Center for Silicon Nanoelectronics at Clemson University in Clemson, South Carolina. He can be contacted at [email protected].

5 simple cost-effective ways to reduce your energy bills


The following entry is a guest post from Ryan Devvin. He is a writer based in the UK, with a keen interest in being green on a budget. His main passion lies in maintaining an eco-friendly lifestyle in the home.

Energy efficiency defining home security automation

The following entry is a guest post from Stacey Waxman. She is a tree-hugging freelance writer, who can be found typing away on her laptop in cold Cleveland, Ohio. She welcomes your feedback via email.

Thinking green with smart home gift ideas

The following entry is a guest post from Skylar Michelle James. She is a woman who loves technology. Currently, she is a graduate student in the Boston area, and she’s writing her thesis on the Internet Philosophy. Much of her focus is on the future of Internet. When she is not studying, she is freelance […]

Consumers don’t want to pay for pricey smart thermostats, survey says

Consumer interest in energy-saving technologies like smart meters, smart thermostats, and demand-response services hasn’t changed much in the last year, according to a new report from Navigant Consulting. And consumers aren’t willing to pay over $100 for a smart thermostat though they believe the savings will be high.

Energy Information Administration’s 2013 Energy Outlook report

The U.S. Energy Information Administration (EIA) released its Annual Energy Outlook report, which delves into long-term projections for energy supply, demand, and prices through 2040. Along with California’s Global Warming Solutions Act (AB 32), the report combines information with the most updated national environmental laws.  

More Than Smart 2014 workshop


The Greentech Leadership Group (GTLG), the California Governor’s Office, and Caltech are planning the second of a series of workshops in early 2014 focused on enabling new technologies, players, and polices to upgrade California’s energy infrastructure. Participants at the a fall 2013 workshop discussed how smart grid, energy data, demand response, and other topics could […]

Redefining California’s energy future

The following entry is a guest post from Ahmad Faruqui of the Brattle Group. He presented at our “More than Smart: Making the Grid More Transparent, Dynamic, and Resilient” conference in Palo Alto in September 2013.

Gov. Brown signs AB 327 for CPUC to set fair prices, increase energy efficiency

This week, Gov. Jerry Brown signed AB 327 to allow the California Public Utilities Commission to fairly raise service rates for all residential customers to expand access to energy efficiency programs.

Retail solar panels grow in sales and efficiency

Last week, Ikea announced it will soon sell solar panel installation kits at stores throughout the United Kingdom. If successful, easily accessible solar energy can be sold here in the United States at Ikea stores. But since 2009, solar panels have been available online in the U.S. for sale at several major retailers like Home […]