Set-top box industry revises voluntary agreement


From the Netflix streaming device to the satellite TV box, set-top boxes are more widely used than ever. Their main purpose: to deliver rich images to our TV sets. For 2014, the set-top box industry and federal government has approved a revised version of the voluntary agreement on energy efficiency standards.

Title 20 standards


The GTLG has taken a leadership role in connecting manufacturers with policymakers and California Energy Commission staff to become engaged in the 2013-2014 Title 20 rulemaking process.

Digital photo frames fading out of the picture

Before tablets and e-readers, digital photo frames conquered the consumer electronics market as one of the more affordable and useful new-age technological devices. Digital photo frames rose to popularity in 2006 when sales totaled 180 million U.S. dollars that year, according to Statista. But digital photo frames have fallen by the wayside among the other […]

Microsoft improves energy consumption with Xbox One

AP/Ted S. Warren

While rival PlayStation 4 sold 1 million game consoles in 24 hours last week, Xbox One plans to compete as a next-generation game console with less power consumption than its predecessor. According to AnandTech, Xbox One uses 119 watts while on and running a game, compared to the 150 to 200 watts a day consumed […]

PlayStation 4 ranks high in energy efficiency


Sony’s PlayStation 4 arrives in stores today to consumers excited for next-generation game consoles, the newest consoles deriving from originals like Magnavox Odyssey and Atari and showing innovation and energy efficiency. Competing with the soon-to-be-released Xbox One and Ouya, PlayStation 4 received the highest rankings among the next-gen consoles from energy efficiency rater Enervee.

Energy Star certifies small network equipment, data storage products


Small networking equipment like modems and routers received Energy Star efficiency standards as well as data center storage products like portable hard drives.

Energy Commission schedules Sept. 16 webinar for Title 20 proceedings


UPDATED - The California Energy Commission announced Monday it has not chosen which devices will receive updated energy efficiency Title 20 standards. The commission is still in the staff analysis phase, where staff are reviewing proposals on possible standards submitted by stakeholders last July.

Energy commissioner, industry reps discuss energy-efficient consumer electronics

As more and more consumers purchase smartphones, computer tablets, and plasma TVs, a group of green technology experts, including an energy commissioner and industry representatives, say consumers need to be more aware of how energy efficiency plays a role in their consumer electronics. Last Wednesday, the Green Technology Leadership Group, with the California Energy Commission, […]

Energy commission posts stakeholders’ proposals on new Title 20 standards

Green Technology Leadership Group supports rulemaking process The California Energy Commission has posted stakeholders’ responses to the “Invitation to Submit Proposals” for the current appliance efficiency rulemaking process on its website. Many of the proposals from companies and organizations suggest possible standards to improve energy efficiency in various appliances, including consumer electronics. Proposals submitted for […]

Big ideas to reduce growing energy use in consumer electronics – an industry perspective


An event sponsored by the California Energy Commission and the Green Technology Leadership Group on Wednesday, August 28 at The Citizen Hotel, 926 J Street, Sacramento, CA 95814