Energy efficiency defining home security automation

The following entry is a guest post from Stacey Waxman. She is a tree-hugging freelance writer, who can be found typing away on her laptop in cold Cleveland, Ohio. She welcomes your feedback via email.

Advances in home security automation technology are making it more affordable and powerful than ever before. Home automation systems not only provide invaluable protection and security, but they also provide households with an excellent way of reducing their energy usage as well. Due to the low cost of today’s modern systems, it is not surprising that more and more households are choosing to automate their homes and experience the array of benefits that home security automation provides.

An automated home utilizes advanced technology to integrate security, lighting, pool, spa, temperature control, sprinklers, audio, video, and any other home appliances or devices, allowing them to communicate and work with each other to make a home safer, more convenient, and much more energy-efficient. Home security automation companies provide modern security protection that allows homeowners to control every function in their home, including heating and cooling, lights, appliances, and electronic devices. These systems are completely programmable, providing homeowners with added convenience, security, and reduced energy consumption.

With automated home security systems, homeowners can remotely monitor their home’s security from anywhere in the world, creating the illusion that their home is occupied, even when they are out shopping, at work, or on vacation. Homeowners can conveniently access their systems directly from their smartphone or any computer with an Internet connection to do things like control the thermostat and lights in their home to increase energy efficiency. Some systems even come with a customization feature, so a home’s lights, appliances, and devices can be personalized according to a homeowner’s preference. This feature alone has proven to be an excellent way of minimizing wasted energy and creating cost savings.

Most of these simple, energy-saving solutions are quite affordable, so homeowners can automate and go green without breaking the bank. Automatic faucets and automated irrigation systems, for example, allow households to reduce their water consumption. Plus, households can save hundreds each year on their energy costs, which will offset the cost of automating their home in no time at all.

In addition to saving homeowners hundreds of dollars each year by allowing them to automate their heating and cooling through the use of a programmable thermostat, the digitally controlled lighting of a home security automation system can thwart off potential intruders. The system enables the lights to be remotely turned on or off as needed. With this feature, homeowners away from the home can make it appear as if someone is home. It also provides household members with the benefit of coming home to an inviting and well-lit home.

Beyond automated thermostats and lighting, today’s whole-home automation systems can also connect appliances and security systems into a completely integrated wireless network. With such control available with the push of a button, every aspect of a home can be completely controlled to create an ideal home environment any time of the day or night.

While it has been available for some time now, home automation technology continues to evolve, allowing homeowners to benefit from increasingly advanced technology and reduced costs. Today, homeowners can fully automate their home and increase their home’s energy efficiency for considerably less than they often expect.

In fact, the energy savings experienced by many homeowners more than pay for the systems in only a year or two, allowing them to enjoy years of convenience and energy efficiency. If you want to reduce your energy bill, become more eco-friendly, and enjoy the unparalleled convenience of a smart home, home security automation is the way to go.

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