Open Energy Initiative

The Open Energy Initiative (OEI) is a new GTLG program focused on enabling all customers in California and across the United States the opportunity to use real-time energy data and actively engage in electricity markets to increase system energy efficiency and responsiveness in a cost-effective manner. OEI aligns industry leaders with policymakers to engage in state policy programs to create innovative energy data policies.

The “Internet of Things” is changing how we supply, transport, and demand energy around the globe. In particular, the expansion of sensors, energy-efficient semiconductors, and a new ability to collect and process massive amounts of data are creating new tools to increase system efficiencies and new products improving our daily lives. OEI is focused on highlighting the companies at the forefront of this revolution and to link with policymakers to better inform investment and policy decisions today.

In California, there are multiple policy initiatives across the state focused on smart grid, energy data, rate restructuring, demand response, battery storage, or other issues that will have longtime impacts on California. This is the right time to help link these multiple efforts to guide where California and the country should go. And, it helps to have some of the leading companies based right here in California.

Key Priorities for 2013-14

  • Engage in California policy proceedings with the aim of enabling all citizens to eventually have access to their energy data and to engage in time of use pricing in a way that incentivizes all market players to succeed.
  • Build partnerships and open new avenues of communication between industry leaders, utilities, and policymakers regarding intelligent energy use.
  • Develop a series of workshops with the California Governor’s office, California Energy Commission, the Public Utilities Commission, and other state policymakers to outline key opportunities and barriers to promote intelligent energy systems.

To get engaged in the OEI effort, contact Genesis Rivas at [email protected].