NEW REPORT – More than Smart

NEW REPORT - More than Smart

UPDATE - See Greentech Media’s coverage of GTLG’s report here.

GTLG, in partnership with Caltech’s Resnick Institute, has released a new report outlining a comprehensive pathway for rebuilding California’s distribution grid.   The report, titled “More than Smart: A Framework to make the Distribution Grid More Open, Efficient and Resilient”, outlines a clear path and framework to move from today’s centralized transmission planning infrastructure to a “network” system that allows more entities to help expedite California’s grid to become cleaner, cheaper and more reliable.   Most importantly, the framework was developed to assist California Independently Owned Utilities comply with Assembly Bill 327 requiring such plans be developed and submitted by July 2015.

The electricity sector is going through a dramatic transformation.  Customer adoption of distributed energy resources (DER) such as solar power, smart thermostats and battery storage hold the promise of enhancing the operational, environmental, and affordability of California’s electric system. Much of this innovation is happening at the distribution grid—the last part of the electricity supply chain going from electric substations linking directly to customers’ homes and businesses.  Unfortunately, California’s distribution grid (like every state) was built nearly 50 years ago for one directional power flows.  Now, this system will need a reboot to scale DER levels to meet California’s clean energy goals.

The More than Smart report, developed through a series of workshops with energy experts, outlines four steps related to integrating DER into distribution planning, design and operations.  By following a comprehensive framework with guiding principles, California will have a better opportunity to reach the over 15 GWs[1] of distributed resources it is currently planning. 

[1] 15 GWs: 12 GWs of distributed generation, over 2 GWs of demand response, about 1 GW of energy storage

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