More Than Smart 2014 workshop

The Greentech Leadership Group (GTLG), the California Governor’s Office, and Caltech are planning the second of a series of workshops in early 2014 focused on enabling new technologies, players, and polices to upgrade California’s energy infrastructure. Participants at the a fall 2013 workshop discussed how smart grid, energy data, demand response, and other topics could ensure California cost effectively meets its energy demand while meeting state energy and climate change goals. In particular, the first workshop outlined key principles for what the new smart grid should do to ensure future success:

  1. Enable a variety of tools for managing energy demand: whether to provide resources, load modification, or other values.
  2. Be easily accessible to third party resources and technologies.
  3. Allow consumers, utilities, and third party providers to make sense of energy use data and take steps to cut expenses, save energy, and improve reliability.

Right now, California has improvements it can make in all three areas. The second More Than Smart workshop will go into more detail with specific policy discussions around these themes. The workshop will revolve around a series of short policy briefs under these three themes by policy experts.

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