Title 20 standards

The GTLG has taken a leadership role in connecting manufacturers with policymakers and California Energy Commission staff to become engaged in the 2013-2014 Title 20 rulemaking process.

Title 20 of the California Code of Regulations mandates energy efficiency in appliances like consumer electronics, lighting, water appliances, and other appliances. In 1976, California established Appliance Efficiency Regulations in response to a legislative mandate to reduce energy consumption. The regulations are often updated to accommodate new energy efficiency technologies and methods. Read our FAQ page on Title 20 and what new standards mean for California.

Rulemaking process begins

In March 2013, the California Energy Commission announced it will reach out to manufacturers and interested groups to apply or update efficiency standards for 15 products in four categories: consumer electronics, lighting, water appliances, and other appliances. As a part of our Smart Electronics Initiative, the GTLG will focus on the consumer electronics selected in the process: displays, computers, game consoles, and set-top boxes and other networking equipment. While the commission is looking at these four groups of consumer electronics, it will not choose all these devices to apply new efficiency standards this year.

Step by step

The yearlong rulemaking process has various steps. We began with the Invitation to Participate, where manufacturers, consumer rights groups, utility companies, energy efficiency advocates, industry associations, and other interested parties submitted market data. The commission studied the market data and used it as a tool to consider establishing improved standards for consumer electronics. The GTLG submitted market data to the commission with the help of our members.

In the next step, stakeholders submitted possible efficiency standards for consumer electronics for the Invitation to Submit Proposals. As a representative of our member companies, the GTLG chose to draft a letter supporting the commission’s efforts in engaging everyone in the conversation.


Events and webinars

To engage stakeholders in the process, the commission has organized several events at its Sacramento headquarters that were accessible online and by telephone.

Wednesday, April 3, 2023 Game consoles webinar
Thursday, April 4, 2023 Set-top boxes/networking equipment webinar
Friday, April 5, 2023 Computers webinar
Monday, April 8, 2023 Displays webinar
Wednesday, May 29, 2023 Consumer electronics staff workshop
Monday, September 16, 2022 Staff workshop on proposals


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